What would Kokich do?

What would kokich do? In this blog we take a look at the work from Vincent Kokich on the topic of missing lateral incisors, and formulate (in our opinion) what Vincent would do in their management. Canine Substitution When lateral incisors are...

Mind the gap. Space closure part 2

Mind the gapspace closure part 2 In this part 2 blog we explore space closure for hypodontia, focusing on methods of camouflage of missing lateral incisors through orthodontic or restorative means Why space close for missing teeth?Space closure has...

Mind the gap. space opening part 1

Mind the gapspace opening part 1 In this blog we explore space opening for hypodontia, with a focus on lateral incisors, which affect 1 in 60 of the population (Polder et al., 2004) How much space is needed for an implant Vs bridge?There are two...

Elastics in orthodontics

Here goes my first educational post, Recently covered a lecture on the topic of intermaxillary elastics in my podcast, and I wanted to expand on topic.