Vertical changes in orthodontics and their importance. Adith Venugopal. Part 1. Episode 62. November 11 2020

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Farooq Ahmed

Join me for part 1 of Adith’s lecture looking at the vertical dimension in orthodontics and its management.

Part 1 looks at 3 cases with vertical management through TADs, TPAs and a re-visit of the management of the Curve of Spee.

1st case TADs for extraction of 4s case

  • Without TADs can result in ‘bowing effect’ – extrusion of incisors and molars.
  • TAD placed between the upper 5- 6 root
    • Direct retraction of the labial segment to the TAD
    • Ligature wire from TAD to archwire 5-6 region, to prevent molar extrusion

2nd case low TPA

  • ‘Low’ TPA = 5mm clearance from the palate
    • Tongue presses on TPA resulting in intrusive force to molars
    • Swallow 800/day = 500gm intermittent force
    • Not enough force to intrude, but enough to provide vertical anchorage (i.e. prevent molar extrusion)

3rd case Curve of Spee

  1. High angle = Weak muscles = COS levels with posterior eruption.
    • Tailored COS treatment = Intrude the incisors
  2. Low angle = Strong muscles = COS levels with anterior proclination (due to posterior teeth prevented from erupting with strong muscles)
    • Tailored COS treatment = extrusion of posterior teeth

One piece intrusion arch

  • TAD in upper 1-1 region and in 5-6 region
  • Sectional 19x25ss archwire in upper 2-2 brackets
    1. Powerchain from archwire to anterior TAD

Three piece intrusion arch

  • TAD in upper 1-1 region and in 5-6 region, with ligature wire from TAD to archwire in 5-6 region
  • Sectional archwire in upper 2-2 brackets with distal hooks, as well as sectional wire 3-6
  • Intrusion:
    • Powerchain from archwire to anterior TAD
    • Powerchain from distal hooks (distal to U2s) to TAD U5-6 region

Retention tip for anterior intrusion

  • Leave TAD between upper anterior teeth
  • Lingual button in VFR
  • Patient wears light elastic 2Oz from labial TAD over the incisal edge and VFR to the lingual buttons

Contribution to the podcast by Dr AbdAllah Sharafeldin



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