Transposition: accept, extract or correct? Roberto Ciarlantini. Episode 64. November 25th 2020

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Transposition: accept, extract or correct? Roberto Ciarlantini


Join me as I summarise Roberto’s lecture looking at transpositions.

Roberto describes 2 cases of true transpositions, treatment options, mechanics and methods of camouflage.


Transposition: defined an anomaly in which 2 adjacent teeth have interchanged their position in the arch Peck 1993

Classification: 1995 by Peck and Peck 

  1. True transposition: root and crown
  2. False transposition: crown only

Up to 2003 the majority of orthodontists accept transposition and this figure changed as currently most orthodontist tend to correct transpositions.

Case 1 Maxillary canine-premolar transposition – camouflage


  1. Interceptive early RME spontaneous correction of maxillary canine-premolar transposition Maspero 2016 86% corrected.
  2. Premolar camouflage: Although Sandler 2017 no difference in canine and premolar aesthetics for professionals and lay people transposition are different:
  • Gingival height of the canine high compared to the premolar, if we don’t grind the canine tip,
    1. Check smile line, low smile line = result will be acceptable by the patient.
    2. End with slight intrusion in the premolar – so gingival height matches the canine Build up the premolar to make It look longer


Case 2 Maxillary canine-premolar transposition, canine high – correction


  • Cannot apply conventional mechanics through the center of resistance of the canine due to vertical position
  • Sectional wire:
    • Wire from 1st molar to 1st premolar (bypass canine)
    • Bent back on itself to then engage the canine (in the premolar position)
    • = Class 6 Geometry (burstone) allowing intrusion of the canine during meisalization and by passing the premolar
  • Torque: Need to keep the root palatal
  • Apply couple one wire and with another wire he prevents the crown movement
  • Auxiliary springs like warren spring or Goodman springs
  • Single root torque to a tooth

Mandibular arch transpositions

  • Less demanding to correct the lower arch transpositions due to decreased aesthetic requirements
  • Word of caution to correct transition: Limited bucco-lingual width




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