Trans Alveolar Transplantation For Impacted Teeth Scientific Evidence And Clinical Practice Ewa M. Czochrowska. Episode 35. IOC 2020

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  • Autotransplantation: Surgical movement of a tooth from one location to another
  • Trans alveolar transplantation (TAT): surgical movement of tooth to its correct position (surgical uprighting)


Impacted premolar


  • Requires careful surgical technique, no contact root
    • Use of CBCT to create 3D replica tooth, to idealise recipient site


Root length

  • Early in formation = easier surgical access



  • 100% Plakwicz 2014


Success of autotransplantation

  • Absence of progressive root resorption
  • Normal periodontal tissues
  • Crown:root ratio less than 1 Kugelberg 1994



  • When no other options possible – as risk of ankylosis


Impacted canine

Survival & success

  • Survival 68-88% 75% average
  • Success : around 50% Kallu 2005



  • Unlikely upper arch: as orthodontic treatment 97% successful
  • Severely ectopic mandibular canines, to prevent transmigration


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