Tips to Optimize Treatment Results Using Forsus Class II Corrector Dr. Lisa Alvetro. AAO June 2021. Episode 95

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Tips to Optimize Treatment Results Using Forsus Class II Corrector Dr. Lisa Alvetro



·      Independent of patient compliance

·      Adaptable installation, AOB, deep bite, mandibular retrognathic, maxillary distalisation, maxillary anchorage

·      Control upper and lower incisor inclination to maximise skeletal correction


Different components

·      Spring: L pin, Easy module, headgear tube, wire mount

·      Rod:  Allows activation of spring

·      Archwire


Forces generated

·      Maxilla: Distal vector and intrusion (posteriorly)

o   Occlusal plane control – intrusion  = autorotation and class 2 correction

·      Mandible: Mesial vector and intrusion (anteriorly)

o   Intrusive vector aids deep bite correction



Horizontal vector

·      Occlusal tube,

Vertical  vector

·      Gingival tube, Wire mount


Push rod


·      Canine / omega loop


·      1st or 2nd premolar



Deep bite case with reduced lower anterior face height

·      Spring: Occlusal tube

o   Reduce intrusion of upper molar

·      Rod: Canine – 1st molar

o   Canine = intrusion of lower incisors

·      Archwire

o   Lower TMA with bite opening curve, increase vertical changes to the lower arch

·      Tip: Not engage U7s to allow eruption


High angle case

Prevent posterior vertical changes

·      Spring

o   Gingival tube

·      Rod

o   1st premolar / 2nd premolar – 6 = greater intrusion vector upper posterior teeth (similar to high bul headgear)

o   Rod less forward = less proclination, better lower incisor control

·      Posterior intrusion

·      Archwire

o   Upper flexible archwire to enhance posterior intrusion

o   Bond 2nd molar

o   Lower SS to reduce lower incisor intrusion

o   Consider lower bracket position gingival / bite closing sweeps

·      Can transition from 1nd premolar to 2nd premolar in treatment, after AP correction, then focus on powerioer vertical intrusion



Forsus as anchorage


Extraction class 2  case Forsus with NiTi closing coils

NiTi closing coils upper and lower

·      Upper force vector

o   Forsus distal vector molar

o   NiTi closing coil retract anterior teeth and protract molar

§  Net effect molar doesn’t move, anchorage preserved, anterior retraction

·      Lower force vector

o   Forsus mesial vector to anterior teeth

o   NiTi closing coil: retract anterior teeth and protract molar

§  Net effect anterior teeth don’t move, anchorage preserved, posterior teeth protract



User manual for Forsus


Youtube channel installation

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