What I Wish I Knew Sooner AAO. Neal Kravitz Episode 9. May 17th 2020

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Farooq Ahmed

Dr Neal Kravitz gives the audience at the AAO advise from his clinical and professional mistakes

Clinical advise

  1. Two phase / early treatment – AVOID  It builds expectations of non-extraction treatment
  2. All treatments none-extraction AVOID. If avoid due to patient pressures, can result in proclination, relapse, but most significantly impacted second molars. He extracts in 50% of adolescent cases
  3. Inconsistent records – AVOID. Take photos every other visit. It will give opportunity for reflection on treatment.  It will slow one down – therefore less mistakes
  4. Only using bonded retainers – AVOID. Consider temporary due to failure rates 20-50%. Always use a essix / VFR

Career advise

  • Make your goal clinical, not financial
  • Humility is the path to being a good clinician
  • Focus on being better everyday


Take pride in your work, but stay humble


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