Thinking outside the box. Non conventional treatment for non-conventional patients. Nelson Leon. Episode 22. August 20th 2020

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Farooq Ahmed

Nelson describes 4 cases of alternative approaches to conventional orthognathic surgery processes.


  1. Facial asymmetry due to condylar hypoplasia:
    1. Genioplasty Propella
      1. 2 cuts, 1 horizontal, 1 angular and rotate the middle component


  1. Class 2 due to retrognathic mandible
    1. Corrected by 4 stages
      1. Genioplasty
      2. Start anterior subapical osteotomy
  • BSSO advancement
  1. Complete subapical and inferior repositioning = prevent lateral openbites


  1. Class 3 due to maxillary hypoplasia AP and vertical.
    1. 3 Stage process with segmental maxillary osteotomy
      1. Maxillary advancement
      2. Extraction of U4s, anterior subapical osteotomy, retracting and rotation to surgically decompensate
  • Mandibular set back



  1. Class 2 due to maxilla hyperplasia
    1. Maxillary osteotomy 2 part: horse shoe shaped osteotomy
      1. Separating dental and skeletal components
      2. Allow set back of dentoalveolar component and upward positioning of the maxilla
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