TAD mechanics for fixed appliances and aligner: Chris Chan. AAO Episode 2. May 3rd 2020

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Farooq Ahmed

Summary of Chris Chan’s lecture at the AAO, looking at TADs and their use.



Aligners are a push appliance

TADs usage

o   For distalisation

o   Maxilla: infrazygomatic region (6-7 buccally)

o   Mandible: buccal shelf region (vertically lateral to 6-7 region)


o   Anterior intrusion

o   Labially placed U1-U2 region

o   Elastic from palatal aspect over the incisal edge to labial TADs


Extraction cases: Aligners lose anchorage and extrude upper incisors


Aligners tip teeth, to achieve bodily movement require counter vector


When in doubt mini screw





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Extraction cases

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Cases from Journal of Digital Orthodontics (freely available)


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