Summary of Webinar: Simplified Orthodontic Biomechanics with Double Slot Bracket – Thaer Hamid Brazil


  • New bracket concept, could reduce anchorage demand for specific mechanics

What is it?

  • Metal bracket with 2 conventional slots (1 passive, 1 active ligating) in a vertical arrangement

How does it work?

  • Passive incisal slot 022 x 028
  • More liberty between archwire and slot
  • Greater force (when compared to 018×025 slot)

Active gingival slot 018×030

  • Better rotational control
  • Quicker torque expression

Advantage in anchorage and less auxillaries

  • Base archwire can be 19x25ss: high rigidity
  • Active wire can be larger:  16x22NiTi

Archwire sequence

  • 012 CUNiTi initially 1 slot
  • 012 CUNITI Both slots
  • 016 CUNITI Both slots
  • 16×22 CUNITI Both slots
  • 17x25SS (working archwire) in 18×30 slot

Issues: Friction

Yes could be increased


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