Power2Reason – Orthodontics in periodontally compromised patients- Morten Laursen. Episode 14. June 4th 2020

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Farooq Ahmed

Summary of webinar: Power2Reason – Orthodontics in periodontally compromised patients: Morten Laursen


orthodontic treatment can achieve:

  • Greater cleansability through alignment
  • Potential reduced periodontal pocketing through long junctional epithelium formation
  • Rehabilitation through idealising tooth position for their eventual loss and prosthetic replacement in ideal position

Risk of not factoring in periodontal disease

  1. Increased force  =  root resorption
  2. Increased force  =  loss of anchorage
  3. Active disease  = increase loss of periodontal tissue

1/ Treatment protocol: Anterior intrusion with mini implants with TADs

  • TAD WhereDistal to canine
  • TAD How :Indirect ligation to canine bracket
  • TAD Effects: Absolute intrusion of 2-2 = 3mm

2/ Treatment protocol: Lingual root torque of incisor with Auxiliary torqueing archwire

  • Attachments x 3
  • 1st molars R and L
  • Affected lower incisor

BASE ARCHWIRE  – prevent AP and vertical changes to lower incisor

  • 020 ss


  • 19x25TMA
  • Down bend or RCOS  = lingual root torque


  • Lingual root torque to lower incisor
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