Important Considerations to Achieve Predictable Outcomes (with aligners): AAO Mazyar Moshiri. Episode 5. May 7th 2020

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Farooq Ahmed

Mazyar Moshiri;s lecture from the AAO describes how to modify aligners and clinical pearls.

Modifications to consider to aligner

  • Change attachment – changes tooth shape
  • Change aligner shape – e.g. power ridge
  • Change sequence of tooth movement

Aligner force should be directed perpendicular to the resultant tooth movement required

Vertical control is key

  • if not can result in heavy anterior contact – curve of spee due to loss of vertical anchorage and a LATERAL OPENBITE


  • Anterior intrusion – removal of interference

Deep bite cases should be over treated to AOBs

  • Clincheck is a force delivery representation, not a virtual treatment objective

AOB cases

  • Attachments on the occlusal aspect without composite, aids intrusion

Class 3

  • TADs in buccal shelf region


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