Asymmetric Class II Malocclusions. Cesare Luzi. Italy. Episode 17. June 30.2020

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Summary of Webinar- Asymmetric Class II Malocclusions.


  • Type 1: Mandibular midline deviated from facial midline, Maxillary correct: 56-62%
  • Type 2: Maxillary midline deviated facial midline, Manidbular correct 29% Cassidy 2014


  • Type 1 subdivision: shorter mandible on affected side: Sanders 2010

Interceptive management

  • RME = improved mandibular asymmetry by a mandibular rotation: Evangelista 2020:


Non extraction:

1.    Asymmetric Class 2 corrector  / functional appliance

  • Type 1 case (mandibular asymmetry)
  • Single sided class 2 corrector, e.g. Monoscope
  • Address aetiology: of a shorter mandible

2.    Asymmetric distalisation with modified pendulum + TAD

  • Type 2 case (maxillary asymmetry)
  • Palatal finger spring active on the 1st molar to distalise
  • Pendulum appliance with occlusal rest on U4s
  • TADs
    • Placed:           buccal 5-6
    • Ligation: Indirectly ligated to premolars


  1. 1 premolar extraction

    • Type 1 and type 2 cases
    • Extract on the unaffected side
    • Distalisation, Unilaterally activated TPA
    • No cant Janson 2004
  1. 3 premolar extractions
  • Type 1 (mandibular asymmetry)
  • 3 units:
    • 2 upper units to manage class 2,
    • 1 unit in the lower arch on unaffected side
  • Outcome: Coincident CL and predicable Turpin 2005


Distalisation of intra-oral appliances + TADs

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Class 2 subdivision CBCT

Sanders, D.A., Rigali, P.H., Neace, W.P., Uribe, F. and Nanda, R., 2010. Skeletal and dental asymmetries in Class II subdivision malocclusions using cone-beam computed tomography. American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics138(5), pp.542-e1.


Class 2 subdivision classification

Cassidy, S.E., Jackson, S.R., Turpin, D.L., Ramsay, D.S., Spiekerman, C. and Huang, G.J., 2014. Classification and treatment of Class II subdivision malocclusions. American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics145(4), pp.443-451.


Extraction of 2 units Vs 1 for class 2 subdivision

Janson, G., Cruz, K.S., Woodside, D.G., Metaxas, A., de Freitas, M.R. and Henriques, J.F.C., 2004. Dentoskeletal treatment changes in Class II subdivision malocclusions in submentovertex and posteroanterior radiographs. American journal of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics126(4), pp.450-462.

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