Stability Of Open Bite Treatment With Spur Therapy Roberto Justus. Episode 57. IOC 2020

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Swallowing process

  • Hyoid bone has to go up and down to swallow to produce a vacuum
  • Molars have to be in contact
  • Suprahyoid muscles required to elevate hyoid bone
  • Infra hyhoid bone required to depress hyoid bone


Relapse of AOB

20% Greenlee 2011  S/R


Unless new neuromuscular engram established

  • Reflex arc – how we respond to harm
    • Placing a nail in a door – we receive a stimulus of pain
    • Change motor response
    • =Learned engram
  • Relapse due to continuous tongue position – posture of the tongue, not functional


Investigation stability of AOB  Justus 1990

  • Spur relapse 17% growing patient, 0% in non-growing patients
  • Non spurs: 35-43% relapse


Ext Vs non-ext  for AOB: more stable with extraction: Janson


  • Contraindications:
    • Lip incompetence
    • Poor muscular control
    • Unerupted lateral incisors


  1. Spurs increase stability


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