Patient expectations and the future of orthodontics Steven J. Lindauer. Episode 49. ioc 2020

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  1. Patient expectation


Generation expectations

  • Younger generations trend to perfectionism, expecting more of themselves and others Curran 2019


Study investigating orthodontist and patient perception 400+ participants

  • Modified casts class 1, class 2, class 3
  • VAS of aesthetic outcomes
  • Class 1 best aesthetics 80-90%
  • Class 3 worst aesthetics 25-40%


Willingness to extend treatment by parents

  • Patients willing to extend for 7 months
  • Orthodontist willing to extend for 5 months


Terminate treatment

  • Parents less likely to terminate treatment and accept less ideal outcome than orthodontists


  1. Seeking treatment provider and method


Teledentistry questionnaire

Questionnaire exploring patients perception of having remote treatment Vs face to face

  • 25% interested in teledentistry
  • 72% preferred face to face


Questionnaire exploring which provider would patients go to for orthodontics

  • 44% orthodontist
  • 22% general dentist
  • 34% direct to consumer
    • Younger more likely to go to an orthodontist,
    • Older more likely to DTC
    • Educated more likely to go to an orthodontist,
    • Less education more likely to DTC
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