Orthodontics in Interview SIMON LITTLEWOOD. Episode 1 May 22nd 2020

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Hosted by
Farooq Ahmed

Simon Littlewood tells his story of orthodontics in his charismatic way.


  • Simon walks us through his achievement of the Cochrane Systematic Review on retention, what ideas led to the large body of work (link below).
  • Simon led the British Orthodontic Society’s ‘Hold that smile’ campaign, and describes the process of how he did this, and also why he did it (link below).
  • We learn who Simon admires in orthodontics and outside the field.
  • We ask Simon your question on what retention regime he advises patient to use
  • And Simon gives his advise to a career in orthodontics






There were some light-hearted  outtakes which we hope you will enjoy!


  • Links below:
  • BOS hold that smile campaign
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