Orthodontics In Interview: PROFESSOR BENEDICT WILMES

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Farooq Ahmed

Orthodontics In Interview: PROFESSOR BENEDICT WILMES

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Join me for the next interview in orthodontics with Benedict Wilmes 

“Find a balance between clinical tips and evidence, if we only look at evidence there will be no innovation, if we only look at clinical tips we will make lots of clinical mistakes”

Benedict describes his journey into mini-screws and what keeps him motivated to continue innovation in orthodontics. He describes his passion for sports and how he adopts these lessons in his work. 

We get to hear of Benedict’s thoughts on the future of orthodontics. 

Benedict is the pioneer behind the Benefit TAD system, the next annual user’s meeting will be the 2nd – 3rd June 2023 in Duesseldorf.  I have no financial interest and am looking forward to attending this year’s meeting. 

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