Orthodontics In Interview: DR LUIS CARRIÈRE

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Farooq Ahmed

Orthodontics In Interview: DR LUIS CARRIÈRE


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Join me for the next interview in orthodontics with Luis Carrière

“The Carrière Motion Appliance is a story of simplicity, but not simplism

Luis describes how he conceived the Carrière Motion Appliance, and addresses in his own words addresses claims regarding changes to the occlusion, TMJ and airway. He describes the limited research regarding the appliance, as well as why he does not conduct the research himself.   

We get to hear of Luis thoughts on what he sees as the future of orthodontics.

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  • How about the majority of cases where the condyle is in a correct position relative to the Glenoid fossa? A Sunday bite is often NOT the solution to Cl II correction.
    Also isn’t the Cl III Carriere distalizer not a good idea for the condyle position in Cl III cases?

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