Orthodontics In Interview: DANIELA STORINO. BRAZIL. Episode 8 January 7th 2021

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Hosted by
Farooq Ahmed

Join me as I interview Daniela Storino. Dainiela is dual trained in both pedodontics and orthodontics and has been in private practice for 21 years. She is a guest Professor at Vienna School (VieSID) and studied under Professor Sadao Sato and Dr. Rudolf Slavicek. She is an expert in craniofacial medicine and occlusal medicine.

We get to hear Daniela’s one piece of advice to all orthodontists and where she hopes orthodontics is going in the future, as well as more about Daniela’s thoughts on extractions and IPR.

Want to know more about occlusal medicine, please see the link  Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Daniela’s lecture on the aetiology of malocclusion was also the very 1st podcast  with orthodontics in summary in April 2020, see the link below

True Aetiology of Malocclusion


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