Orthodontics In Interview: AUDREY YOON

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Farooq Ahmed



Orthodontics and the airway


Lots of patients are struggling with the symptoms (of obstructive sleep apnoea) when a little kid doesn’t sleep it’s not just the childs’ problem, their parents and other family member who also become sleep deprived

Audrey describes her motivation in the young field of dental sleep medicine, the role of orthodontics in the management of paediatric obstructive sleep apnoea, the patient’s orthodontic treatment is appropriate in managing OSA, as well as those patients it is inappropriate for. Audrey explains her thoughts on why the field of airways and orthodontics is controversial, and answers critical questions regarding her publications.

We get to hear of Audrey’s take on the AAO White paper on obstructive sleep apnoea.

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  • As always ,thank you for providing these excellent podcasts.
    I was quite disappointed with the content of Dr Yoon,s lectures and this podcast.I was hoping for a studied academic response to Dr O,Brien,s (and others )clear opinions ,re the role of orthodontics in airway management.
    I could not determine a clear ,evidence -based response amidst a wordy discussion.
    I was hoping for a much clearer and well defined point of view from an institution and academic of this calibre!
    Were there any useful conclusions that might have been relevant clinically ?

    • I have to agree with you.
      Farooq’s podcasts excel in condensed information, so maybe we are spoiled in this regard.
      There were no real concise statements in this episode. Besides, the audio quality of the interviewee was not too enjoyable.
      In general, though, I am a huge fan of your podcast, Farooq!

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