Orthodontics In Interview: ADITH VENUGOPAL. Episode 9. March 24th 2021

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Farooq Ahmed

Join me for the second interview of 2021 with Adith Venugopal, Adith is a Consultant and Assistant Professor in Orthodontics at the University of Puthisastra South Korea, adjunct faculty Professor Chennai India, Co-editor of Kieferorthopaedie journal (International Orthodontics).

We get to hear of Adith’s journey into using TADs, his one piece of advice to all orthodontists and what questions Adith hopes will be answered in orthodontics, as well as Hollywood Vs Bollywood!


Please find the link to Adith’s up coming editorial in the AJODO entitled: ‘The Quagmire of Collegiality Vs. Competitiveness’


We hear of Adith’s thoughts on case reports and where evidence based practice fits in to the unique field of orthodontics

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