Northcroft lecture And all the roads we have to walk are winding. Johnathan Sandler. Episode 136. September 29th 2021

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Farooq Ahmed

Join me for this years Northcroft lecture by Johnathan Sandler. Johnathan describes his experience with 6 pieces of research over his career


Magnets used for impacted teeth –  Sandler 1989, 1991

o   Discussion with Johnathan Sandy, investigated safety and rust

o   Used for canines, central and multiple impacted teeth

o   Establish realistic goals – Editorial Kokich


Class 2 twinblock study – Kevin O’Brien 2003

o   Investigate claims that early treatment Reduce extractions, avoid later treatment, better outcomes – found not to be true

o   However Improved psychosocial outcomes and reduced risk of trauma only

o   Self esteem improved

o   Facial attractiveness judged better – 5th paper

o   Dewel award 2008 AAO


Archwire sequence Mandal 2006

o   016 NiTi, 18×25  NiTi, 19×25 SS

o   016NiTi, 016SS, 020 SS, 19x25SS

o   16×22 HAUNT, 19×25 HAUNT, 19x25ss

o   No difference in discomfort, no difference in root resorption, 016NiTi, 18X25NiTi, 19x25SS quickest duration


Photography Mandal 2002

o   Are photographs reliable for referrals

o   Yes reliable with 8 clinicians assessing referrals


Quality of photography

o   Variation of person, medical photographer, nurses, orthodontist

o   Extra oral – no difference in quality

o   Intra oral – orthodontist quality greater than any other person


Mid-palatal implants Vs Headgear RCT Benson 2007

o   Maximum anchorage cases

o   Implant Vs headgear

o   No difference in duration

o   No difference in PAR score

o   Absolute anchorage achieved with implant


Investigate headgear, Nance, TADs RCT Sandler 2014

o   3 arm multicentre RCT

o   Novel method to assessing molar tooth movement

o   Best PAR score TADs groups

o   No difference in molar position

o   Patients recommended Nance and TADs, headgear least popular

o   Discomfort levels similar TADs / Nance

o   AJODO Turpin award 2015


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