Macro To Mini-Explore The Possibilities David M. Sarver, Dmd,Ms Birmingham, Alabama David M. Sarver. Episode 33 IOC 2020

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Farooq Ahmed

David Sarver questioned the difference of clinician observation Vs patient observation in assessment


Orthodontists can do 3 things to the face

  1. Make it better
  2. Keep it the same
  3. Make it worse


Extra oral assessment

  • Orthodontic 3 standard views, frontal, profile and smiling
  • Patient view: social view or ¾ view.


Case assessment

  • Demonstrate changes using photographic editing software: show likely facial changes


Smile assessment

  • Tooth dimensional change should be gradation, ie gradual change from front to back
  • Typical lateral to canine region, can alter in treatment or after treatment
  • Only observed via social view


Smile projection

  • AP position of the jaw
  • Maxillary incisor inclination
  • Maxillary incisor display – gingivectomy / osteotomy
  • Incisor proportion – can use crown formers to quickly increase height of incisors
  • Gradation
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