Invisalign: Virtual Orthodontic Summit 2021

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Hosted by
Farooq Ahmed


Join me for the summary of key lectures from this year’s Invisalign UK Virtual Orthodontic Summit meeting  


4 lectures are covered in this podcast on the topic of biomechanics and aligners, using tuberosity TADs and troubleshooting with aligners


Speakers: John Morton, Willy Dayan, Susana Palma, Graham Gardner


Individual lecture podcasts are available in the description below with notes


Lectures titles:

  1. Biomechanics of the Invisalign system 2021 John Morton
  2. Treating complex aligner biomechanics. Willy Dayan
  3. Overcoming difficulties in class 2 correction with TADs in tuberosity and aligners. Susana Palma
  4. Monitoring and troubleshooting Graham Gardner


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The podcast is opinion and may not be 100% accurate or representative of the lecture / speaker, the podcast is not endorsed by an institute or the speaker and is the independent work of Farooq Ahmed and the Orthodontics in Summary team. It is not intended to over-ride or replace the requirement clinicians have in being familiar with the relevant training and guidelines for the treatment they provide


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