Invisalign First – after 50 cases. Pedro Costa-Moneiro. Episode 71. December 21st 2020

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Farooq Ahmed

Invisalign First – after 50 cases. Pedro Costa-Moneiro


Phase 1 6-10 years old

·      90% of upper facial growth complete by 10 years of age


Why phase 1

·      Airway centric

·      TMJ: if class 2 can develop TMD

·      Maximal mandibular growth:

·      Smile arc



·      Most teeth required, small crowns

·      Cut template into quadrants


75% of 1st clinchecks are approved: should adjust based on biology and anesthetics


Class 2 case

·      1st clinheck retract upper incisors

·      Modified to have mandibular advancement to improve profile


Bilateral crossbite

·      RME expansion

·      Wait 6 months then scan for aligners


Expansion protocols

·      Simultaneous expansion

o   Can result of upper incisor retraction

·      Staged: 1st molars, followed by primary molars

o   Maintains the AP position of upper incisors

·      Clinical tip:

o   To control torque on molars horizontal attachment 4mm

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