Growing and Redirecting the Roots of Impacted Teeth Stella Chaushu. AAO June 2021 Episode 107

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Does impaction effect root developments

Research on impacted teeth

·      Impacted incisors study by Chaushu

o   Impacted teeth: Root length shorter by 3.1mm

o   Root volume – normal

o   Hooked apex = 40%

o   Prevalence of dilaceration increases with age

§  Understanding if the tooth develops against an anatomical structure, the tooth roots develop dilacerated

·      Impacted maxillary canine Dekel 2021

o   Root length 1.2mm shorted, root volumes normal

o   2-3 x greater dilacerated canines when impacted




Impaction does effect root development

·      Shorter roots and root dilaceration

·      Effect incisors more than canines  – possibly due to inisors developing against the base of the nose


Can we erupt teeth with impaired root development?

·      Intrinsic eruption potential is unaffected by root shape

·      Treatment is longer due to greater tooth displacement – average 3.4 months Chaushi 2015


Can we modify root development by early treatment?

·      Early treatment can aid development of root development

o   Understanding the root develops away eruption

·      Can plan orthodontic treatment when apucal 1.3 developed = 7-8 years of age



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