Great Expectations – Understanding Patient Expectations In Orthodontics Susan J. Cunningham. Episode 50. IOC 2020

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How to patients develop expectations?

  • Previous experiences
  • Word of mouth – friends and family
  • Media
  • Experience of impacts due to the conditions



  • Expectations determine satisfaction
  • Expectations also determine engagement with treatment Gassem 2016


Expectations in orthodontics Yao 2016

  • Process of treatment
  • Outcomes of treatment
  1. Process of treatment
  • Patients generally have a good basic knowledge of the process
  • No differences in gender and healthcare
  1. Outcome of treatment
  • Enhanced appearance and function
  • General well being, future dental health and self image


Expectations of treatment

  • Typology – impact on daily life
    • Minimal expectations
    • Moderate expectations
    • Marked expectations


Managing expectations

  • Know what the patient expects
  • Clear on meeting their expectations
  • Know what is the most important aspect of expectations
  • 2 way communications
  • Provide high quality information
  • Patient – patient discussions
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