Efficiencies of Aligner Treatment in Teens and Early Treatment Jonathan Nicozisis. AAO June 2021. Episode 110

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Farooq Ahmed



Advantages with aligners

·      COVID 19, pick up aligners

·      Less appointments

·      Lifestyle


Virtual care

·      Digital monitor treatment

·      Grinscope – Patient selfie video

o  Monitor treatment

o  Generate leads for patients


Jonathan phase 1 = 8-10% of his practice


·      Anterior crossbite correction

·      Alignment

·      Class 3 correction

o  Metric of income per visit $500-$1000


Case with fixed appliance

·      Proclination of lower incisors and gingival thinning

·      Switch to aligners

o  Dento-alveolar expansion

o  Retraction of lower incisors and intrusion simultaneously, not possible with fixed appliances


Severe crowding upper laterals

·      Expansion with RME

·      Remove RME and scan for aligners


All phases of treatment

·      Unlimited aligners for 5 years

·      Allows early treatment and later treatment for 1 lab fee


Canine extrusion

·      Tip – anchorage through tip back bends to increase anchorage in class 2 cases

·      Tip – move labially initially, then extrude and lingual movement – ensures aligner is always pushing on the tooth

·      Tip – If premolar extrusion is required in refinement, extrude (step bends) reciprocal effects are molar intrusion, built in to clincheck to level posterior occlusal plane


Increasing efficiency in practice, Jonathan has reduced appointments for aligners by 25%



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