Clear Aligner; How Predictable It Is Ali H. Hassan. Episode 53. IOC 2020

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  • Planned Vs predicted expansion was statistically less, with weaker accuracy posteriorly Houle et al
  • 80% accuracy in intercanine level, and 68% at the first molar region Zhou



  • Planned Vs predicted overjet was not statistically different = accurate in overjet reduction Kreiger 2011


Sagittal movement planned Vs predicted

  • Molar distalisation 87%
  • Anterior torque 42%
  • Derotation 40%



Experiment: predictability of aligners to correct transverse, anteroposterior and sagittal directions CBCT


What did they do?

  • Non extraction cases
  • CBCT pre and post
  • N = 30


What did they find?


  • Expansion intercanine 94% and premolar 81%was accurate
  • Expansion intermolar – first molar 50%


  • Proclination: unpredictable
  • Retroclination: predictable

Root movement

  • Very little root movement
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