Chapman Prize 2021 – Orthodontic trials: Are we measuring the right things? Aliki Tsichlaki. BOC 2021. October 6th 2021. Episode 138

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Farooq Ahmed

Chapman  2021 – Orthodontic trials: Are we measuring the right things? Aliki Tsichlaki



Join me for Aliki’s prize winning lecture looking at orthodontic outcomes in research.

Lecture based on the paper by Aliki:

Development of core outcome set for use in routine orthodontic clinical trials Aliki AJODO 2020


Core outcomes

·       Standardised outcomes measured as a minimum

·       COMET project in medicine and dentistry –  Core Outcome Measures in Effectiveness Trials  core outcome measures in effectiveness trials COMET

·       Advantages

o   Future outcomes relevant to stakeholders

§  Patient, clinician, best evidence

o   Less heterogeneity – allows better meta analysis

o   Only ¼ of orthodontic systematic reviews contain meta-analysis Koletsi


·       Method – followed COMET recommendations

o   Mixed methods = systematic review and qualitative

o   Combine outcomes from both = 34

o   Consensus meeting with stakeholders

·       Results

o   4 themes with 7 outcomes

§  Breakage appliance and teeth

§  Clinical outcomes, alignment, skeletal, stability

§  Delivery of care – patient related adherence

§  Perceived health status

·       Conclusion

o   Advise at least 1 outcome for each theme



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