British Orthodontic Conference 2021 DAY 3

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Hosted by
Farooq Ahmed

Join me for DAY THREE of the BOC 2021. Day 3 covers 4 lectures; the lectures covered the following topics; Research, Chapman Prize 2021, Timing of functional appliances and Clinical Pearls


Individual podcasts and notes available from the links below


·      Searching for a needle in a haystack Kevin O’Brien

·      Chapman Prize 2021 – Orthodontic trials: Are we measuring the right things? Aliki Tsichlaki

·      Functional appliance treatment: Do long waiting lists really matter? A multicentre RCT. Nicky Mandall

·      Clinical Pearls session: Preetpal Bhogal, Ian Murphy, Mohammed Al -Muzian, Safoora Keshtgar, Megan Hatfield

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