British Orthodontic Conference 2021 Day 1

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Hosted by
Farooq Ahmed

Join me for day one of the BOS 2021.

Day one covers 5 lectures; research presentations, the Chapman prize looking at full or part-time functional appliances, retention and what’s new, paediatric orthodontic management and lingual appliances

Speakers: Pratik Sharma Padhraig Fleming, Simon Littlewood, Sarah Good, Esfandiar Modjahedpour 

Lectures covered below; for notes for individual lectures click on the lecture below

  1. Research presentation: University Teachers Group
  2. Chapman Prize 2020: Prescription of full or part-time Twin Block wear: A randomised controlled trial and qualitative evaluation Pratik Sharma Padhraig Fleming
  3. Retention – science, clinical tips and comedy disaster Simon Littlewood
  4. Things I have learned from hanging out with the kids. Sarah Good
  5. From diagnosis to retention. Is it clinically that easy? Esfandiar Modjahedpour


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