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Extraction of first permanent molars, when and how

Extraction of first permanent molars, when and how? The early removal of first permanent molars has several possible effects to the occlusion. This blog reviews some of the key aspects of first molar extractions of children, the ideal timing of...

Black triangles, who did it?

Black triangles, who did it? In this blog we review black triangles. Why they occur and what influence orthodontics has in both their formation, as well as the solutions available. What is it?  A black triangle is the cervical embrasure space to the...

Extract why? Extract why not? The airway. Part 3

EXTRACT WHY? EXTRACT WHY NOT? THE AIRWAY. PART 3 The effect of orthodontics on the airway has been a debated topic, further complicated by the effect of orthodontics on Sleep Disorder Breathing (SDB), resulting in one of the most controversial...

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