BENEfit User Meeting 2-3 June 2023

I attended this year’s BENEfit user meeting, it is a well established meeting with a range of speakers this year. The meeting is hosted by Benedict Wilmes and Dieter Drescher, the founders behind the BENEfit miniscrew system, in the beautiful Düsseldorf.

The details

  • Location: Dusseldorf
  • Cost: €470-1050 (1 day / 2 day)
  • Delivery: In person only
  • Duration: 8-16 hours (1 day / 2 days)
  • Next date: 2024
  • Website:

The course

The meeting consists of 2 very contrasting days, with day 1 focusing on how to use the BENEfit system and aligners, and day 2 was a traditional conference day with varied speakers presenting on miniscrews.


Day 1 morning was a step by step run-through of the BENEfit miniscrew system by Benedict Wilmes and Dieter Drescher. The lecture was for new beginners and described site and method of insertion of the BENEfit miniscrews. The main aspect of the morning was the assembly of the sliders for different clinical application, anchorage, distalisation, mesialisation, asymmetric movement, intrusion and expansion.


Day 1 afternoon was a lecture by Ravi Nanda and Björn Ludwig entitled Innovations and FOMO, and focused on new technology (mainly aligners) their clinical application and research pertaining to it, including a new direct to print aligner material Graphy and the emerging research behind it, I have covered this in a previous blog Direct To Print Aligners Course (Graphy).    


Day 2 consisted of 11 lectures from a variety of international speakers, the topics were centred around the clinical use of miniscrews and expansion. Topics also included 3D printing processes, class 3 correction, airway changes with miniscrews, and mechanics of miniscrews and aligners. In the afternoon there was a lively round table discussion with the speakers chaired by Ravi Nanda, notability the speakers posed their different opinions on the limits of miniscrew assisted expansion or surgically assisted expansion in adults.

What Was Good

The lead up. By this I mean the contrast between day 1 and day 2, which were different but complimentary to an overall understanding of using miniscrews.  Day 1 allowed new users to understand the basic concepts and clinical stages of miniscrew insertion with the BENEfit system, and day 2 explored more complex application of miniscrews.


I was impressed at the speakers on the user day showing a variety of miniscrew systems, not only BENEfit miniscrews, (for example Heinz Winsauer used the Jetscrew miniscrew), this focused of the meeting on the use of miniscrews and less so on the brand of miniscrews, resulting in an enriching experience from experts of the larger field of miniscrews, and not just experts of the BENEfit miniscrew system.


Bonus material from Professor Ravi Nanda and Dr Björn Ludwig. They gave an excellent duet of a presentation looking at trending items in orthodontics, the good and bad around their application. The take home message was that appliances, analogue or digital, are vehicles of the informed clinician, and treatment planning should be driven by the equally informed clinician.


The venue, the Hotel Kö59 Düsseldorf, had a great atmosphere, there were over 500 people in attendance, yet there was still the ‘small meeting’ vibe with open and friendly mixing of the audience.


A recording of the meeting will be available on demand soon, allowing those who missed out to see the meeting.


What Was Not So Good

There was a hands-on table where delegates could place the BENEfit miniscrews on models in the break of day 1, however it small and most delegates were not able to partake. It would have been excellent if all delegates could have placed the miniscrews on models and assembled the BENEfit system as a formal part of the course.


Some of the content from the lecturers on day 2 conflicted, especially around miniscrew assisted expansion protocols, and use of surgically assisted expansion. It led to an unclear message to me as a new user to miniscrew assisted expansion, what protocol I should be doing in clinical practice.


It was a good meeting for those new to the BENEfit miniscrew system (day 1), as well as those routinely using miniscrews (day 2) as content was presented of the most contemporary use of miniscrews.


The meeting missed out hands-on teaching of the BENEfit system, which would have provided an opportunity to cement the learning, I do hope the BENEfit team will consider this for the next meeting.


Overall the meeting was more than a user meeting of the BENEfit system, it was a user meeting of miniscrews.


One of my favourite quotes from the event was Björn Ludwig’s conclusion from his lecture on trends in orthodontics, “our next trend should be sharing our knowledge in orthodontics with each other, that way we can all grow together and not lean on companies to set our trends”, Benedict and Dieter have done so with the BENEfit meeting.


Edited/contents: Farooq Ahmed

I have no financial interest in the BENEfit system or meeting.


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  • Excellent feedback
    I think that when it comes to the activation protocol we should base it on force control and not on how many turns to do per day

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