Application Of Evidence Into Daily Orthodontic Clinical Decisions The Unerupted Teeth Story Carlos Flores Mir. Episode 44. IOC 2020

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  1. Decision making of impacted canines? Zeno 2018
    • If canine overlaps mesial aspect of central incisor – poor prognosis
    • Angle of 30 degrees + poor prognosis


  1. Extraction of deciduous canines?
    • Normova 2018: Yes if PDC in sector 2-3 ideal of extraction of primary canine


  1. CBCT is it required?
    • AAOMR position paper: CBCT must be justified on an individual bases
    • Bjoksved 2019: compared plane view radiographs in canine evaluation Vs CBCT: good agreement
  • CBCT more accurate – BUT may not make a difference to patient outcomes


  1. Follicle? Ericson 2001
  • Normal size = 2.3-2.7
  • Ectopic size = 2.7-3.2
  • Large variation, CV cannot distinguish pathological follicle from normal, difficult to predict when to intervene


  1. Timing and sequence of events?
    • Interceptive treatment removing supernumerary teeth may not resolve impaction, unclear ideal time


  1. Timing for ideal time for exposure?
    • 8 years is the ideal time to decide on active traction or observe – opinion Becker, no published evidence


  1. Can canine impaction be predicted?
    • Uribe 2016 – no specific variable of canine impaction prediction – radiographs, study models.
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