AAO Virtual Annual Session June 2021 Day 3

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Farooq Ahmed

Join me for the summary of key lectures from the final day of this year’s American Association of Orthodontics Summer Meeting

10 key lectures are covered in this podcast from day 3 of the AAO meeting, on the topic of TADs, Carriere, Orthognathic surgery first, Skeletal TAD expansion, orthodontic uncertainty


Speakers: Jay Bowman, Kevin O’Brien, Luis Carriere, Bjorn Ludwig, Maschos Papadopoulos, Beom Kim, Jungi Sugawara


Individual lecture podcasts are available below from the links


Lectures titles:

1.     TADs- Keeping it simple while being successful Sebastian Baumgaertel

2.     Uno, Dos, Tres/ All the Screws in the Same Place Jay Bowman

3.     Class II Minimum-Touch Approach in an Evolving Orthodontic World Luis Carriere

4.     The Management of Occlusal Plane with Extra-Alveolar Miniscrews. Marcio Almeida

5.     TAD Supported Space Closure in Agenesis Cases Bjorn Ludwig

6.     Maxillary Molar Distalization with Mini-screw Implant Supported Appliances Maschos Papadopoulos

7.     Navigating Complexities in Surgical Orthodontic Cases Jerry English & Kurt Kasper

8.     Tooth Bone vs Tissue Bone MSE Does it matter? Beom Kim

9.     Less Invasive Surgery First Approach Jungi Sugawara

10. Orthodontic uncertainty. Research, core outcomes and snake oil. Salzmann Lecture Kevin O’Brien



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