AAO Virtual Annual Session June 2021 Day 2

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Farooq Ahmed

Join me for the summary of key lectures from this year’s American Association of Orthodontics Summer Meeting

Individual podcasts and notes available from the links below

14 key lectures are covered in this podcast from day 2 of the AAO meeting, on the topic of Maxillary Skeletal Expansion, TADs, Bone plates, Carriere appliance, Digital Orthodontics,  Phase 1 treatment, Facemask, Aligners,


Speakers: Won Moon, Hugo De Clerck, Jonathan Nicozisis , Carlos Flores-Mir, Jason Cope, James McNamara, Peter Ngan,  Benedict Wilmes, Stella Chaushu, Brandon Owen, Juan Fernando Aristizabal, Roberta Lione, Tung Nguyen



Lectures titles:

  1. Long-term evaluation of class 3 orthopedics using skeletal anchorage. Tung Nguyen
  2. Growth Modulation by class 2 and class 3 orthopedics Hugo De Clerck
  3. When you play the games of Thrones, you win, or you die. Is there a middle ground Carlos Flores-Mir
  4. Can Changing the Transverse Dimension Improve the Quality of Orthodontic Treatment in Children? Dr. Roberta Lione
  5. How To Become An In-House Aligner Power House. Jason Cope
  6. Carriere 3 Treatment in minimally growing patients- How does it work? James McNamara Management of the Carriere Motion Appliance for Class III Correction in the Mixed and Permanent Laurie McNamara McClatchey
  7. Treatment of maxillary deficiency with facemask and TADs Peter Ngan
  8. Maxillary Expansion & Treatment of Class III Malocclusion in the Digital Age Dr. Benedict Wilmes
  9. Clear Aligners in Orthognathic Surgery Flavio Uribe
  10. Growing and Redirecting the Roots of Impacted Teeth Stella Chaushu
  11. Surgery First Combined with CAD/CAM Brackets and 3D Predictions Juan Fernando Aristizabal
  12. Clear Aligner Treatment- One Size Does NOT Fit ALL Dr. Clark Colville
  13. Efficiencies of Aligner Treatment in Teens and Early Treatment Jonathan Nicozisis
  14. The ‘How to’ Guide of Digital Braces/Teledentistry Brandon Owen


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