AAO Virtual Annual Session June 2021 Day 1

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Farooq Ahmed

AAO Virtual Annual Session June 2021 Day 

Join me for the summary of key lectures from this year’s American Association of Orthodontics Summer Meeting

13 key lectures are covered in this podcast from day 1 of the AAO meeting, on the topic of Aligners, TADs, Miniscrew assisted expansion MSE, Biomechanics, AOB, 3D Metal printing, aging dentition, Forsus


Speakers: Chris Chang, Won Moon, Ravi Nanda, Daniela Garib, Brent Larson,, Maz Moshiri, Lorenzo Franchi, Lorenzo Franchi, Kenji Ojima, William Dayan, Simon Graf, Lisa Alvetro, Flavia Artese, Jae Hyun Park


 Links below to the individual lecture with notes!


Lectures titles:

1.     Simplified Mechanics for Aligners in Treating Complex Cases Dr. Chris Chang

2.     The Evolution of Mini-implant Assisted Midfacial Expansion, the Latest Developments and Advanced Applications Won Moon

3.     Biomechanics and Force Delivery Systems- Wires to Screws to Plastic  Ravi Nanda  2021 Edward H. Angle Award Lecture 

4.     Aging of the Occlusion- What Should We Know? Daniela Garib

5.     Applying Science to Aligner Mechanics and Design   Brent Larson

6.     Suggestions for Systematic Treatment of Orthognathic Surgical Patients with Clear Aligners Maz Moshiri

7.     Jacob A. Salzmann Award Lecture; Efficient and Effectively. Lorenzo Franchi

8.     Type of Approach for Biomechanics of Aligner Orthodontics Kenji Ojima

9.     Ideal Occlusion is Not Always the Ideal Treatment Plan William Dayan

10. 3D Metal-printed Bone Borne Appliances Simon Graf

11. Tips to Optimize Treatment Results Using Forsus Class II Corrector Dr. Lisa Alvetro

12. Key Factors to Consider when Correcting the Vertical Dimension Flavia Artese

13. Anterior Open Bite Correction- Conventional Treatment vs. TADs  Jae Hyun Park

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