9th International Orthodontic Congress WFO Day 3

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Farooq Ahmed

Join me for a summary of the day 3 lectures from this year’s virtual IOC.

10 lectures covering: aligners, miniplates, root resorption, occlusion and bruxism.

Speakers: Benedict Wilmes, Hugo J.J. De Clerck, Anne Marie Kuijpers Jagtman, Ali H. Hassan, Zhihe Zhao, Carlalberta Verna, Glenn Sameshima, Ambra Michelotti, Shouichi Miyawaki, Mauro Farella

Individual lecture summaries will be available soon!

*Important to note the information is from our interpretation as individual professionals, and may incorporate our opinions*

Lectures titles:

  1. Improving The Predictability Of Clear Aligner Therapy With Mini Implants Benedict Wilmes
  2. The Defects, Risks And Countermeasures Of Clear Aligner Zhihe Zhao
  3. Clear Aligner; How Predictable It Is Ali H. Hassan
  4. The Influence Of Bone Density On Tooth Movement Biomechanics Carlalberta Verna
  5. Miniplate Anchored Class Iii Orthopedics With Control Of Maxillary And Mandibular Rotations Hugo J.J. De Clerck
  6. Orthodontic Root Resorption An Update For The Clinician Glenn Sameshima
  7. An Evidence Based Approach To External Apical Root Resorption Anne Marie Kuijpers Jagtman
  8. Occlusal Vulnerability Hypervigilance, Neuroplasticity And Adaptation Ambra Michelotti
  9. Importance Of Occlusion And Physiological Significance Of Sleep Bruxism Shouichi Miyawaki
  10. Bruxism An Orthodontist’s Perspective Mauro Farella


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