9th International Orthodontic Congress WFO Day 1

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Farooq Ahmed

 Join me for a summary of the day 1 lectures from this year’s virtual IOC.

14 lectures covering: TADs, Facial aesthetics, Biomechanics, Class 2, Early treatment, Expansion, Impacted teeth, Self ligating brackets, Periodonics

Speakers: Chris Chang, David Sarver, James Mcnamara, Ravindra Nanda, Junji Sugawara, Noriaki Yoshida, Lorenzo Franchi, Peter Ngan, Sylvain Chamberland, Ewa M. Czochrowska, Yves G. Bolender, Chun-Hsi Chung, Dimitrios kloukos, Mitsuru Motoyoshi

Individual lecture summaries will be available at the end of the week, with written notes on each lecture!


Lectures titles:

  1. Biomechanics Smart And Visible Biomechanics – Optimizing Treatment Mechanics Based On Prediction Strategy For Long-Term Tooth Movement Noriaki Yoshida
  2. Relevancy Of Biomechanics In Clinical Orthodontics In 2020 Ravindra Nanda
  3. Class 2 Patient Dependent Factors For The Efficient Treatment Of Class Ii Malocclusion Lorenzo Franchi
  4. Early Treatment Of Class Iii Malocclusion With Tads Peter Ngan
  5. Expansion In The Early Mixed Dentition Is It Worth The Effort James A
  6. Facial Aesthetics Macro To Mini-Explore The Possibilities David M. Sarver, Dmd,Ms Birmingham, Alabama David M. Sarver
  7. Facial Aesthetics Vertical Dimension And Facial Aesthetics Sylvain Chamberland
  8. Impacted Teeth. Trans Alveolar Transplantation For Impacted Teeth Scientific Evidence And Clinical Practice Ewa M. Czochrowska
  9. Is There Any Difference Between Conventional, Passive Self-Ligating And Active Edgewise Self Ligating Brackets A Systematic Review Of The Literature And Network Meta Analysis.Yves G. Bolender
  10. Perio Periodontal Considerations In Orthodontic Treatment Chun-Hsi Chung
  11. Periodontics And Orthodontics. Long-Term Development Of Gingival Recession In Orthodontically Treated Patients In Comparison To Untreated Individuals. Dimitrios Kloukos
  12. Smile Gummy Smile Correction Chris Chang
  13. Tads How Has Skeletal Anchorage Changed The Orthodontic Strategies For Class Iii Correction In Adults Junji Sugawara
  14. Tads Safety Placement Of Orthodontic Anchoring Screws Mitsuru Motoyoshi
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